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10 ways to use a can of beans to increase fiber in your diet:

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

A few of the many bean varieties

If you are cooking this weekend and as a followup to my fiber article, here are recipe links for a variety of ways to use beans to make some fiber-rich meals!

1. Make a salad! Add beans to just about any salad but for something really yummy try:

Erin Clark’s Mexican Salad @ or

Fresh black bean salad @

2. Make salsa aka Cowboy Caviar

Making this is as easy as opening cans and chopping a few items! There are multiple versions of this recipe but try the recipe from and for a twist consider adding chopped mango

3. Make tacos!

Try a really delicious variety of tacos - buffalo cauliflower and black bean tacos Find the Buffalo cauliflower recipe @ or check out the

Spicy black bean and cauliflower tacos from or

Black bean tacos with avocado cilantro lime crema @

4. Make enchiladas!

Again, has many delicious vegetarian recipes but this is one of my favorites - black bean sweet potato enchiladas @ (use frozen sweet potatoes to save time)

5. Make a snack!

Try roasted chickpeas for a snack that you can make in an oven or air fryer.

6. Make chili!

Add beans to any chili recipe but for a change try a vegetarian recipe with a variety of beans - you won’t miss the meat.

Cookieandkate has a delicious vegetarian chili recipe as does

7. Make soup!

Many recipes use beans in soups or beans can be added. So many varieties to choose from! Browse online or in your cookbooks to see what strikes your fancy!

8. Make a casserole!

Try this easy vegetarian Mexican tortilla casserole from or this

Meatless Mexican lasagna recipe from

Or check out for weeknight lasagna with any greens pesto and white beans

9. Make hummus!

Check out the variety of hummus recipes on

10. Make brownies!!!

Yes! You can truly make brownies with black beans or chickpeas!

Check out these delicious recipes:

Chickpea blondie brownies @

Fudgy black bean brownies @ or

You can eat beans for dessert!

When using canned beans, which are real time-savers, look for cans labeled BPA-free and be sure to drain and rinse the beans before using.

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