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  • Denise Scott


Some of you are aware that since my retirement from the clinical practice of pediatrics and pediatric endocrinology, I became certified in a relatively new field of medicine, culinary medicine. This is a very important, but often neglected area, in which food is used to prevent and treat disease. Culinary medicine has been primarily focused on adults, to give patients options other than medicine. In many conditions, proper nutrition can help to prevent the need for medication or reduce one’s medication.

I wanted to bring culinary medicine to pediatrics in the form of prevention. After all, pediatric medicine is all about prevention. In almost three decades of practice, I saw the evolution of the obesity epidemic in children and the development of never before seen adult diseases in kids. I want to change that. Parents are the ones who will change it! My goal is to bring you the tools to do so.

Thus…I wrote a book: “Feed Your Child’s Future Health”.

This book is for anyone who feeds children. It is essentially a guidebook for how to prevent future adult diseases in your child using food. The book gives compact and concise information regarding what to focus on in your child’s diet, and foods to avoid or minimize. Each chapter is divided into the science, the research and the recommendations to optimize your child’s health, both now and in the future.

“Feed Your Child’s Future Health” is now available in paperback @ Amazon and will soon be available as an eBook. Please join me in fighting this unhealthy trend that is affecting our youth. Educate yourselves to preserve our children’s health.

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Gail Dunford
Gail Dunford
Oct 11, 2022

Congratulations on the release! Will be purchasing for a new mom right away!

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